Google’s mottos sound most nobly: “Don’t be evil” and “Do the right thing”. This is how the company positioned itself throughout its formation and development. This attracted many people of tech sphere, everyone dreamed of working for Google. Nevertheless, we all know that times are changing, and any great initiative can go “to the dark side since they have cookies”, as engineers and programmers joke. Is it possible that once the liberal Google company turned into an authoritarian company that manages the masses and «programmes» them? Moreover, this is not just a metaphor, it is a real quotation line taken from the internal company’s documentation. So what is the dark side of Google hiding?

This is exactly what was discussed in our interview with Zach Vorhies, a former employee of Google, who is perhaps the first whistleblower of this company. It was he who first published Google’s internal documents (900 pages) through the Veritas project, which provoked ambiguous opinion. The story itself, similar to a detective story or thriller, has its beginning in 2016, when Zach, as a full-time employee, discovers strange documents in the internal Google system. From this moment he had questions, he began being pursued online, then the police arrived at his house and blocked the entire street, which leads him to the point of open opposition to the tech giant. Though everything in order and detail is in the following article of a special interview for the “Digital World”.


— Zach, countless people acknowledge you as the first person, who has started to unveil the Google. Could you tell me, please, how has your story begun? As far as I’m concerned, you worked at the Google, what did you do there?

— Hence I worked at Google for eight and a half years and I worked on two major projects. The first was Google Earth, which was like Google Maps, but it was in three dimensions and had an entire database of the planet. I helped put that into the Audi navigation system. Then I left Google to start my own company, and I came back three years later to work at Google again, this time for their YouTube division. This Youtube project that I was working on was the embedded player for the televisions and the game consoles. So if you go to a TV and it has a version of YouTube built into it, that’s a project  I was working on. And I worked on that project for almost three years, which is quite a long time actually for an engineers, certainly higher than the average. And I enjoyed working for Google and YouTube. They were wonderful company until 2016.

Everything has changes since Donald Trump won the election. Let’s just put it that way. And the executive group at Google did not like this. And right after the election of Donald Trump they held a company wide meeting called the TGIF. They stated in this meeting  they were personally offended at the election of Donald Trump. Those are the words from the Sergey Brin, who was chairman at that time. The CFO at the time recounted a story where it looked like it wasn’t going to go Clinton’s way. And what happened was she received an email from a Google colleague in New York saying that they think they’re going to lose this election. And I thought “that’s weird that Google would use that terminology on stage because it’s not ‘her’ election. It’s the election of the American people”.

And finally, a question  of the CEO Sundar Pichai was as follows – “What was some of the most effective things that Google did during the election?” And the CEO replied that censoring a fake news, using machine intelligence was one of the most successful things that Google had done.

And I went – “wait a minute, we’re censoring information, aren’t we? What’s going on with that?” And so I, as a full time engineer, had access to Google’s internal servers and their networks. And so I just searched for ‘fake news’. And what I found was this design document that some leadership at Google have published. It said what fake news is. I read over the document. And what they classify as fake news were things in the media that I thought might be real. Seemed like it was a good covering.

— Could you give some example of it?

— Google said that Hillary Clinton running weapons through Benghazi to arm ISIS terrorists was fake news. And I was – “Wait a minute. Is that really fake?” Because there was the whole e-mail scandal. And so I started to research exactly whether Clinton was running weapons to Benghazi. It turns out that there’s a lot of information that follows.

I thought – “So it was controversial. I don’t think this is fake news. I think this might actually be real news. What else about listing or censoring? And so I went down and, you know, some more examples about Hillary Clinton which were controversial remained classified as fake news by Google. So why is Google trying to cover for Hillary Clinton? Like, isn’t this Hillary Clinton’s problem? Like, you know, we all have our PR issues. If we become social media influencers, like, this is just a thing similar to all these false stories floating around Clinton? Why is Google so interested in making sure they stay suppressed? And so I started to realize that maybe Google was as a political as its public statements were, maybe they were secretly trying to manipulate the search results for Clinton. And as I started to dig further and further, I came to this realization, if we’re gonna have these classifiers for fake news, that’s going to say this article is fake news and this one isn’t. Then there’s got to be something that censors that. And so I started digging further, and what I’ve found is, yeah, there’s this system, that censors for that. And this system was called Machine Learning Fairness.

Machine learning fairness started off at Stanford, and I think they’d been developing on it for around six years before it got transitioned into Google and was like their new product that they were going to use to censor everything. Now, let’s talk about the name. Machine learning — I’m sure learning is a type of A.I. and then fairness is… Well, you’re familiar with how In Soviet Russia, they had like the opposite name for what it was, you know. And so obviously Google’s vision of the Internet is to be the censor. But they’re not going to call it a machine learning unfairness. You know, they’ve got to name it. So it was really funny. You know, when I saw this machine learning fairness, I went “oh, my God, you’ve got to be kidding”. That’s what they’re calling this. Of course, this is the thing that they’re going to use to take over the Internet.

This classifier is going to classify things according to a group whose corporate culture and I continued to dig, I was like really excited about these documents. And I realized this will eventually go into a book one day. It’s so scary and terrifying! And so I just started saving all these things to my personal documents, probably because they were so out there that I knew that when I tried to tell some of my friends, they would think that I was nuts. And just to prove my own sanity to them when I eventually would tell them what Google is doing, I had to save it.

Some of the bombshell things were this four-step process for programming society. And, you know, we released this in June during my first project Veritas exposure of this whole disclosure. This four-step process looks as follows: first — content is generated or collected, second — then it’s filtered, third — it’s ranked, and then the fourth step is people like us are going “programmed”. And those were the exact words that they use, ‘people like us are programmed’. And it was being used as the justification for why they needed this whole machine learning fairness thing. And then I said – “well, they’re obviously being as clear as they can that they’re trying to program society”. And this is really not cool, it can overthrow the United States and bring it into Soviet-style communism or Chinese style communism. Any type of communism is bad. It ends in a murderous cult. So from now, I see centralized control of a technocratic globalist institution that is now indicating that they’re willing to use their dominant position in the world to just lock everyone into their corporate culture. But we don’t get to vote on it. We don’t get to say this can’t happen. Google is just going to do it. And no one knows about it. Except me.


— Was it the exact moment you decided to start your disclosure?

— At this point, I think I might need to do something, but I’m not going to make that decision yet. And this was like, let’s say April 2017. I’m not going to do anything yet. That all changed once I found out that Google was deleting words out of the Arabic translation dictionary in order to make a Trump tweet sound crazy. That’s when I knew that they were beyond misguided. That they were basically entering into politics and this was — I didn’t know exact law — it violated several.

May of 2017 President Trump has this huge extended meeting in Saudi Arabia. And we see this video where he’s like dancing with the sword and something happens and the media didn’t really tell us what really happened. But we know something happened. And when he came back. He made the following tweets: ”Despite the constant negative press covfefe”.

Six hours later, he deleted the tweet. He’s like – “can anyone figure out what that means? Good luck”. Well, someone on the Internet figured out what covfeve meant. They went and they typed it into the Google translation services and they found out that Google would translate it to “we will stand up”. And so if you take that, you put it with the tweets — Despite the negative, constant press, we will stand up. All of a sudden It’s a decoded message. Trump kind of communicating — We’re going to stand up to this like evil.

On January 1st, 2017, The New York Times wrote the article saying this Internet decoding of the word covfefe was completely wrong, misguided, and it was just a laughable prospect that this word could even exist because obviously it did not. Why? Because The New York Times called up one of their previous contractors and asked about the word.

And the guy was like, oh, this is a laughable statement. It’s totally fake. So they said that their contractor who knows Arabic says that it’s fake and they declared it as a fake. After that Google decides — well, if the New York Times version of reality is that this is fake, let’s get rid of it.

So they deleted this word from the service and the team that deleted this word called themselves The Derrida team. Now for any of the followers that see this, they may know that there is a philosopher by the name of Jacques Derrida, who is considered one of the fathers of postmodernism. This philosopher advocated for the destruction of Western civilization through the manipulation of language and that if you could hijack the language, you could you could hijack the culture and control it. Is this a coincidence that the team that censored this word called themselves the Derrida team? I don’t know.

I start to suspect that Google might not actually be mistakenly fumbling through this, doing bad things by the stake. I think actually now that they knew exactly what they were doing, that there might be some radical leftist that are in positions of power.

I knew that there were radical leftist in control of Google because at that time I started seeing Google take a very hard left and it wasn’t like libertarian left. It was like authoritative leftism. In 2015 Google was like — we’re all about expressing you and giving you a voice. Then, two years later, it’s gone, now — there’s a bunch of crazy conspiracy theories, we got to protect our customers from that. So let’s lock down all this fake news.

So this is 2017. They’re literally censoring the tweets of the president in order to score political points. And by the way, they set that narrative that the president’s tweeting nonsense. So The Washington Post starts posting the president is clearly mentally incapacitated because he’s quoting nonsense, so we should invoke the 25th Amendment and remove the president from office.

You know, I’m sitting there, holy shit, this is it. This is an addiction. This is treasonous activity. At this very moment, I decided that I’ve got to do something about this. I’m not complicit in a conspiracy to have sedition. If I don’t report this, then I’m going to be a part of the conspiracy, at least by the conspiracy of silence, if not an active participant. I held onto the information for just a little bit longer, starting to realize that I needed to get this information out.

Then we had the Las Vegas massacre that happened with this supposed gunman in a building that opened fire randomly on a bunch of people. Despite all the Vegas cameras in casinos, they’ve got cameras everywhere with crazy technology that is not disclosed to the general public. However, supposedly it’s all these cameras, yet they all have malfunctions.

And no one was able to see what really happened. At the same time that this happens Google had this code red alert and they said – “you know, oh, my God, there’s all this fake news, this just coming on Google News and our YouTube division and everything else that we’ve got to do something about this fake news. So we’re gonna have a code red. We’re going to have an emergency. And we’re going to do extraordinary things in order to correct this and protect our users”.

Or what turns out, they inserted a blacklist. It was called the controversial Quarrie blacklist. When I captured this was forty-two pages long. However, a full 20-pages of blacklist terms have to do with this Las Vegas shooting events and censoring up any connection he had with Democrats and strengthening his association with Trump. So it was like straight out of a movie like. You can see this because I’ve disclosed this at my Web site —

You can see that the blacklist is crazy. It also had like blacklisting terms, like phrase cures for cancer, cancer cures. What is going on? Why are we blacklisting all these terms? Why would we blacklist anything that has to involve stopping a user from being able to find anything related to cancer care? This is like this is beyond evil. This is like tapping into some sort of dark force. So I was like, I don’t care what happens to me. I’m going to be right with God. I’m going to be right with the country. I’m just going to do it. I go out there. I start going through my network. I find a connection to Project Veritas.

I connected with the project, they send me a person James. He kind of acted as my handler for a while, we have a good relationship. Actually, I trusted him enough, I just gave him all the documents and I said “I trust you. Don’t publish without my Ok.” I was really worried that if he was going to release these documents, that there would be some sort of metadata that would allow Google to link it back to me. I just wanted to get this information out there so that they could do a proper story about this.

Eventually, Project Veritas got handed all this information that I gave to them. Nothing happened for probably one and a half years, if memory serves correct. They had all this information. This blacklist proved perjury because Google went up to Congress and denied they had any such blacklist and that they sort of filtering on political content, which was such a brazen lie. At least it deserves a follow-up. I think someone deserves to go to jail for saying to Congress the lie like this.

— Can I ask you, how did you exactly find these documents?

— I was a regular full-time Google employee, I just simply typed in “fake news” and found all the documents. I had special access. Other than a full-time employee access to the network. They left all of the documents available to anyone who wanted to look at it inside.

— So actually any employee could find these documents?

— Any full-time engineer. The contractor had no access to these documents.

— Could you, please, share, what prompted you to resist the whole system? I mean, not every person who worked in the Google and found all information would resist the company.

— Well, you know, I’ve had a unique experience. I had a lot of friends from Russia like around the 90s. There’s a giant exodus of Russians out of Russia because they got pushed out due to their ethnicity. So I had a lot of friends that have told me plenty of stories about what living in Soviet-style communism is really like. And, you know, when I realized something was wrong with Google, I started trying to figure out what was going on, why are they doing all these censoring things?

And what I found out is that before you can flip a country into communism you have to subvert the spirit of the citizen themselves. So you need to remove critical thinking skills and you need to make them fearful that they can’t come to any decision without the guidance of the states. So I started to look at a lot of the issues that were facing America. I never understood why there was this huge push for transgender reconfiguration of the society for a minority group of individuals that make up less than one percent of the population. They were literally classified as having a mental disorder until the DSM-5 psychology guidebook. So you’ve got this minority group of questionably disordered individuals and because they’re uncomfortable, we’re having to reconfigure all of society. Why are we doing that? And what’s next? Is it going to be schizophrenia? Do we have to reconfigure our culture for bipolar disorder? Next year? How about anorexia?

There’s got to be a reason for this whole group of people doing things. It was an effort by globalist forces to make it so that people don’t know what is right and wrong. And I’m not saying that transgenderism is wrong. What I’m saying is that the notion that these words that we have involving the family can be inherently exclusive because family refers traditionally to a man or woman with children. That’s an exclusive artery to a trans daily that maybe, you know, unable to have children like this was act. This actually happened. A controversy was a walkout by radical leftist and Google because so when used family to refer to the hyper-normative nuclear family children sort of concept. So I realized a lot of the things that I was seeing in society.

There is another story. Someone was the CEO of a pizza restaurant called Papa John’s used some sort of word in a very not careful way. But he was a white person while saying it. So he lost his ability to run his own company. All of these extreme overreactions is a way of destroying a society. And it happens in every stage before communism is allowed to take over. So seeing that happen in my own country and having been laid out explicitly by KGB defector Yuri Bezminov. He convinced me this was a plot by a globalist faction, including the board of corporate mainstream at mainstream media, in collusion with the central bankers of the internationalist order, were in a conspiracy to engage in psychological warfare against the people of America, the peoples of Europe, Australia, New Zealand and, probably Israel and wherever else.

Thus I can potentially stop the New World order and I submit myself as one of that little individual that was able to be the one that stops New World order from forming just by showing the people what these people are planning to do with each and every one of us. We expose them and now Google put a stop to pretty much all of their social engineering programs at least officially and fired off their hard leftists.

— This is a brave aim because we all see that in general media pursue their own benefits today…

— These independent companies… It’s obvious they’re all working together making the same decisions and it goes it’s being made by you know like the W.H.O. says that vitamin C is not proven treatments for COVID-19, and now Facebook and Google and Twitter and all these corporations start censoring anything involving with Unproven treatments for COVID- 19. I don’t know exactly what the details of that mechanism are, I just see that it’s happening because that’s what the facts are.

— Could you, please, share the next part of your story? As far as I’m concerned Google tried to agree with you or did it threaten you to prevent the truth disclosure. Can you tell us this part of the story?

— So let’s go to July 2019. I had just gotten through with a disclosure on camera. But it’s shrouded in shadows, having my voice changed, anonymous. I came out as the Google insider whistleblower. I told what was really doing and we only released 2 pages out of the 900 of the Google’s inside documents. I reasoned with myself — Should I release everything else? I prayed about it whether to release or not, so I got this overwhelming feeling not to do it.

Therefore, I just walked away and let it be by then Google started to engage in any type of legal warfare against me by sending this law firm after me, this law firm was like really expensive, really nasty, according to sort of everyone else the lawyer’s house targeted like this one ‘s got a bad reputation and this group was like “Hey you gotta give us your laptop and let us go through all your information, your backups, your data and tell us all the people that you gave information to”. I don’t want to get my laptop because that’s how I’ve got all the documents and I realized the reason they want my laptop is because they want to engage in a cover-up. I had all this information on that laptop and they wanted to get it back because they didn’t want it going out which is understandable however you know they’ve done treasonous and seditious cracks.

So I realized that if I give the laptop I’m totally screwed. So I don’t want to be implicated in that conspiracy to cover up a sedition so I realize that there’s only really one solution I can do. I take the laptop, I take all the documents and I decided to send them in a package to Washington DC Department of Justice Antitrust Division under Attorney General William Barr.  I sent that evidence out.  I replied to Google that I had given the documents out to other people and that I told them that I had given it to law enforcement’s.  So if they want to get the laptop they could go talk to them.

After that Google kind of just like let me alone. Then I started getting harassed online by an anonymous. He called my name out. He said, “maybe you should change your bio, Whistleblower” and he also called me up on my real name. Who is this person knowing this information? So we set up a trap. Having some links on my discussion with them we gave him some links to prove him wrong, he clicked them and that went to a server that we controlled. This meant that we got his connection information and we’re able to reverse geocode his I. P. address back to Google. So that troll that’s harassing me is actually from Google themselves from Indianapolis and so we decided that Google was gonna start another type of campaign of harassment. What I did is I tweeted out to my followers which is like 300 at the time saying that “In the event of my untimely demise all documents would be disclosed to the public”.

I called to James from project Veritas and said “Hey, James. Please, in the event of my untimely demise I want you to release all the files you can, totally release them to the public”.

Ok, after sending that tweet which was a dead man switch. The police showed up. I pretend that I wasn’t there, they decided to stick outside of my house they called in a bomb threat because there was something that they decided was suspicious, so they had to put the whole block on lockdown. And they were calling my phone, texting me. So eventually they got the entire street shot off. There is a bomb robot at my house trying to go through the gate.

I look out the window, cops are everywhere. On rooftops with sniper rifles, there’s a bomb robot at my front gate… so I decided that I’m going to have to make a choice about whether to come out or not come out. I negotiate to come out because it’s better for them to do whatever you’re gonna do it out in the public with cameras rolling than have them come into the house with the vehicle oestrogen circumstances and take me out and so I come out with my hands up. Video recording. They asked me about my state, like ‘do you have any intention of self-harm or suicide or mass shooting’ etc. They asked ‘then why we are here’? And I said ‘because I’m a whistleblower’. I came back home.

Screenshot of the project ‘Veritas’ video

The next day I got a flight. I went to Washington DC and I went to the statehouse under someone else’s name mistake doubt. I went to New York to project Veritas. I told everything on camera again. With the documents and I disclosed to the public who I was and my story. I’ve just been hammering on Google and keeping an eye because I know what’s coming next which is a total lockdown of the information landscape ahead of the elections that are coming up here November 2020.

— As you told us before if we compare Google in the beginning and Google that’s we have today there is a transformation from the Liberal regime to the autocratic one. How do you see what was the reason for such variation?

— I don’t know. It’s so weird, right? The reason is, here’s the thing the same people who were in charge of the “let’s be organic libertarian” and “let make express our users the way they want” — those same people were the ones who move Google too hard turning left. Sergey Brin, Susan Wachowski… It wasn’t like you had a change of leadership team. People who said “don’t be evil” and organized the world’s information and made it universally accessible and useful. The people who wrote that are the same people trying to take over the world using Google.

I think that they’re being controlled, that’s the only thing that can explain what’s going on. How would you explain it? How can someone from the Soviet Union originally come to America, become a billionaire, and then try to bring that Soviet-style communism or Chinese style communism to the new home? It’s mind-blowing. I don’t believe that Sergey Brin made it because of his idealistic beliefs. I think they were fixed because one day the people that were responsible for Google knew that they had to have someone that they can control. That’s the only thing that makes sense. Or they got some sort of blackmail and said something like “if you do not do this, we will publish it and it destroys you and your family”. This is the only other thing I would describe how these people can do a complete 180-degree turn, knowing what communism can do to our country.

— Many former Google employees believe Google plays not only political games but business games, as well. How do you think does Google involve in business games?

— They played. Google favors its service over other companies and not just Google, Amazon does the same thing. It’s a deception of users. Besides they destroy entire sectors of the economy. They’ve done this. They did it with an alternate health website. The doctor got all this traffic that was being delivered from the Google search algorithm to customers driving customers to his website. He spent a lifetime doing this thing now really searchable with all of the content is generated and then one day he wakes up and 99 percent of this traffic from Google is gone. Not kidding. And this was called the medic update. It happened in 2018. It affected a very single website about health on the planet. They destroyed the entire sector of the economy and they don’t even apologize for it.

That’s the reason why we have to be aware of what they’re doing and say “Hey, this is bad” and this is the reason why now we’ve got 51 state attorney generals working together to bring an antitrust action against Google. Plus included in the city of New York federal government with the DOJ all 3 levels of government are bringing antitrust action against Google.

Зак Ворхиес дает повторное интервью проекту “Veritas”. Source —

— How do you think what is going to happen with Google? And what would you change there?

We need to change it back to the way that requires organic search results. And if they don’t, they’re going to explode because people don’t want to be censored and their shareholders don’t want people to be censored. If they don’t, then Google is going to be taken out by these other companies and the reason why is because costs are undoubtedly high, they’re inefficient for what they do; and one more thing — the technology they use is old and they have to spend a lot of money to get a system that looks like ‘the new stuff’ just like right.

That’s from how they write code, it stocks in the past and these new companies can run circles around Google because they’re able to use all these new open-source tools. The only thing that Google has that they got their status as the dominant market position, however, if they censor people they’re going to have another thing that reduces their ability to be effective in the business landscape.

So, in other words, if Google wants to survive and be relevant for the next years, they need to lay out the censorship. But they’re not and we’ll see how it all shakes out over the next year.

— Thank you very much for your interview!

To conclude we are going to sum up, Zach’s story makes one wonder whether a virtual illusory world is possible at all without the appearance of someone who wants to use it for himself? This interview, on the one hand, reveals the dark side of Google invisible to users, and on the other hand, it raises essentially philosophical questions about the good and the evil.

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